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Hello everybody! Until further notice, I will only be posting through my life coaching website – same content, just a different domain/website. Please click on the link below to visit my website and subscribe to receive email notification of new posts (click “subscribe to newsletter”). I appreciate all of your support! Your support, feedback, andContinue reading “Attention: Subscribe on New Website to Continue Getting Blog Post Notifications!”

What I Wish I knew Before Transitioning 2

Myth Busters for Transgender Spectrum people There is no right or wrong way to be trans.  You can transition. Or not.  You can take hormones. Or not.  You can start hormones then stop. You can come out to people before starting HRT or you can start HRT then come out to people six months later.Continue reading “What I Wish I knew Before Transitioning 2”

Navigating Bathrooms as a Transgender Person

Every individual on the transgender spectrum is unique as is their personal journey, beliefs and experiences although I venture a guess that there is one issue we can all agree is a nuisance:  Bathrooms. If every business would just create gender neutral – single room/stall restrooms, this world would be a better place!  Not justContinue reading “Navigating Bathrooms as a Transgender Person”

Celebrating Transgender Humans

Will my transgender child have a normal life? Will anyone want to date them or will they be alone forever? Is the fact that they are transgender going to be the first and only thing people see in them? These are all common and valid questions and concerns! First, just a reminder that people don’tContinue reading “Celebrating Transgender Humans”

Embracing Uncertainty

A phase – a temporary process of discovery – can be a liberating period of one’s life and lead to genuine growth.  By honoring “phases”, we allow children a safe space to change their mind or change their identity without backlash, repercussion or the infamous, “I told you so!”.  Dismissal of phases invalidates one’s abilityContinue reading “Embracing Uncertainty”

Broken, We are Not

Transgender people aren’t having a hard time because they are transgender; they are having a hard time because society has decided that being transgender is a bad thing.  People have drawn a conclusion in order to organize their own world and transgender people are caught in that crossfire.  People bought into this negative view butContinue reading “Broken, We are Not”

How Manly is Man Enough?

“These pains you feel are messengers, listen to them.” -Rumi No doubt my body has changed but testosterone will never completely eradicate my insecurities nor will it give anybody the ideal, perfect male physique.  Testosterone will never narrow my wide hips that developed during puberty.  Fat redistribution was more subtle than I envisioned prior toContinue reading “How Manly is Man Enough?”

The Cost of Being Gendered as Male

Transitioning in the midst of a decade long photography project, presents an opportunity to see how differently people relate to me as a man vs. a woman. Enjoying a day off, I decided to swing by the Weirdest little Church in Texas, check out their volunteer program and hopefully capture a few shots on camera.Continue reading “The Cost of Being Gendered as Male”

Suicide With a Cat’s Perspective

I see the woman in you and this is what I learned from her. Thank you, Beautiful Woman. I stumbled upon the goodbye letter of another writer a week ago which made excruciatingly clear, an all too common reality for transgender people – suicide.  Pieces of the six-page letter are written below (her blog wasContinue reading “Suicide With a Cat’s Perspective”

All the Answers Inside

Thoughts on Being Transgender From a More Spiritual Perspective I admit, I’ve had trouble writing lately.  More specifically, I’ve had trouble writing about the material world, the physical body and matters of the ego.  I’ve been on a more spiritual journey for a while now – getting into yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, astrology and gettingContinue reading “All the Answers Inside”

What Does it Mean to Live a Good Life?

Take a Walk in Someone Else’s Shoes For years I’ve intermittently worked on a personal photography project of homeless people.  I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for the downtrodden and being transgender, I realize we have a lot in common which gives me a sense of solidarity.  People don’t understand us.  WeContinue reading “What Does it Mean to Live a Good Life?”

The Overrated Idea of Being “Man Enough”

Contemplating the nuances of what is means to be a man Today was one of the best days of my life; I played pick up soccer with the guys, AS a guy.  “Hey dude”, “hey man”, “he”, they all said.  They saw me as one of them, as one of the guys.  It was theContinue reading “The Overrated Idea of Being “Man Enough””

Am I Transgender?

Cramming my Gender Journey into a Nutshell Follow my journey and continue to read my posts to discover how the answer became clear.  Forthcoming blog posts may be fragmented, confusing, surprising, and empowering but that rollercoaster is exactly what transition is like. People usually think of “coming out” as an external thing – having toContinue reading “Am I Transgender?”