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Hello everybody! Until further notice, I will only be posting through my life coaching website – same content, just a different domain/website. Please click on the link below to visit my website and subscribe to receive email notification of new posts (click “subscribe to newsletter”). I appreciate all of your support! Your support, feedback, andContinue reading “Attention: Subscribe on New Website to Continue Getting Blog Post Notifications!”

Testosterone and Cheating

Do Men Cheat Due to High Testosterone Levels? No doubt testosterone is a powerful, motivating force– after all, evolution created a powerful drive, capable of ensuring the survival of a species.  Testosterone is one of the fuels that is responsible for creating new life, new generations, and ensuring the continuation of humanity – no smallContinue reading “Testosterone and Cheating”

The Man in the Mirror

Embracing Diversity During My “Second Puberty” Changes from testosterone happen so excruciatingly slow that my body almost physically hurts from watching it so hard.  Time is such a joker. I must have checked the mirror on a thousand occasions before finally seeing hair on my chin and fuzz above my lip.  My face shape appearsContinue reading “The Man in the Mirror”

My First Shot of Testosterone

And the Rollercoaster of Emotions I’ve been over the moon with excitement for my first shot of testosterone but I woke up around 3:30 this morning and was overcome by anxiety.  In complete darkness, everything hit me at once and to go through with this felt absolutely overwhelming and impossible.  I would be lying ifContinue reading “My First Shot of Testosterone”

Let’s Talk About Sex

Being transgender and going from an estrogen to a testosterone-run system gave me a greater opportunity to analyze sexual stereotypes, gender roles, and our current culture of sex. The vast majority of trans guys will experience a huge increase in sex drive upon starting testosterone therapy (HRT).  The frequency of sexual fantasies increase, as doesContinue reading “Let’s Talk About Sex”

Things I Wish I’d Known Before Transitioning

“How can you know what you’re capable of if you don’t embrace the unkown?” ― Esmeralda Santiago Changes may come much slower (or faster!)  than what you see on YouTube.  People who are posting on YouTube likely have quick changes from testosterone.  Some people take a few months to pass full time as male, others takeContinue reading “Things I Wish I’d Known Before Transitioning”

Fear and Reward of Going on Testosterone

The decision to start hormone replacement therapy which entails weekly intramuscular testosterone injections into the thigh, was the hardest decision I’ve ever made.   In the beginning, especially without new language to describe gender, it was hard to explain what being trans felt like. Paralyzed by the conundrum – if I couldn’t even understand howContinue reading “Fear and Reward of Going on Testosterone”

Will I Regret Testosterone?

I worried for years that taking testosterone or “transitioning” could be the wrong decision.  What if NOT taking testosterone is the wrong decision?  What if I came out to everybody then changed my mind? What if this was a mistake but I had permanent changes? What if I looked in the mirror and hated theContinue reading “Will I Regret Testosterone?”

What is Success Anyway?

Unraveling the Expectations of Hormone Replacement Therapy A great deal of time had to pass after starting testosterone before I was able to feel content with my transition.  Guys around me who had been on testosterone for half the time, sported tons of facial hair and a deep voice.  My voice did eventually drop more,Continue reading “What is Success Anyway?”

The What-Ifs of Starting Testosterone

I crave it but I’m scared… The decision to start hormone replacement therapy which entails weekly intramuscular testosterone injections into the thigh, was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make.  It also remains the best decision I’ve ever made.  Testosterone makes me feel like my body and mind are running on the correct fuel. Continue reading “The What-Ifs of Starting Testosterone”