My Journey to Becoming a Life Coach

Turning Differences into Superpowers

As children, everyone tells us, “Just follow your dreams!” or “You can be anything you want to be if you just put your mind to it!”

Early on in life we stop believing this.  It just becomes another childhood lie, like Santa Clause or the Easter  bunny and slowly dreams fade into the past and little voices sit on our shoulders and whisper into our ears that we can’t do this, or we can’t do that, that we are being unrealistic, ungrateful, or that we were just not cut out for that kind of life and we say:  “That just wasn’t in the cards for me”, or “That ship has sailed”. 

Dreams turn into self-limiting internal conversations and mental blocks.

Deep inside I knew I was not a girl but I did not believe my intuition; I did not trust my inner wisdom.  For years, I let society’s thoughts become my own and I let fear stop me.   But, there is that place deep inside ourselves where we know exactly what we want out of life.  The belief in making dreams come true never really left us; it just became buried. 

Similarly, I knew I didn’t want to work the typical office job.  The free spirit in me would never be happy with the usual 9-5, living under someone else’s rules.  With a creative mind, I wanted to write.  With a wanderlust spirit, I wanted to travel.  With a bleeding heart, I wanted to make a difference in this world and leave my mark. 

Perhaps I was afraid of change.

Eventually, I spoke my truth.  It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.  Every desire comes with a cost but what is the cost of never changing? After I came out as transgender, transitioned, and changed, I decided that if I could change my gender, I could change anything.

What do I truly want out of this life?  Who do I really want to be?

The mind is a funny thing – it exists to keep us in a safe place and from taking risks. Deep inside I knew I wanted to work for myself.  I wanted to be a Life Coach and to travel and write.  All those little voices said I couldn’t do it; they said I didn’t have the time, the knowledge, or commitment.  They told me I was afraid of hard things and that I would never stick with anything.  They told me I was childish and that I should work in an office just like everyone else and to feel entitled to have something greater was arrogant.

I realized that my heart and soul wanted to fulfill my dreams more than my mind’s desire to keep me safe.  I stopped believing the unconscious thoughts.  Instead, I became intentional.  I became a Life Coach.

Those voices are wrong.  The labels are wrong.  Every one of us can have the life we want but you must believe that first.  You must believe in yourself and remove those self -limiting beliefs and behaviors.  Negative thoughts must be replaced by positive ones.  It’s the Law of Attraction – what you focus on expands. Expand your dreams and become as big as them. 

Our thoughts are like magnets that attract what we think about so watch your thoughts.  Who you are and what life you live are a direct result of your thoughts. 

Of course, nothing in life is free and you might have to give something up, you might have to lose something – a comfort, a person, a job, security, but that desire you have, what is it worth?  What is it costing you to believe something to be impossible or unattainable?  Letting go of something is hard but gaining authenticity is priceless.  Risks might be taken but likely those things that you lost along the way to authenticity were only holding you back and no longer served your higher self anyways.

I am a Life Coach because I want to help people become who they dream of being.  It’s the most empowering feeling to have faith in yourself.  Having another human believe in you can be a catalyst for achieving what you thought was impossible.

I am offering free sample coaching/mentoring sessions as part of the graduation requirements for my Life Coaching certification program through October! These are 30-min phone sessions where we delve into an agenda of your choice to help you move forward. If you are interested in taking advantage of this resource or have any questions, please contact me!

“Those who make it happen will tell you it wasn’t easy. Those who think it should be easy won’t make it happen.”

Will Craig

Website: Out and Proud Life Coaching:

Published by Christian

I am a Certified Life Coach at Out and Proud Life Coaching, LLC. I started out helping transgender individuals and their parents through all stages of transition. As a master of change, I have now expanded to also work with people who have a nagging feeling that they want something more out of life but are hindered by fear of change, transition, or difficult decisions. Please visit to subscribe to my newsletter or sign up for a free 30-minutes session so you can experience what coaching feels like!

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